We Get It. . .Cats Can Act Out!

And "cats behaving badly" isn't pretty. 

Whether it's litter-box related, or something more serious ( such as biting or feline aggression), kitty's bad behavior can stress everyone out.

Sadly, the number one reason that people relinquish cats to shelters is 'bad behavior.'

We want to help your feline friend to reform his or her naughty tricks before it gets to the point of no return. . .

Enter: "Cats on the Couch" Feline Behavioral Therapy

Jackson Galaxy Doesn't Have Anything on Dr. Grant!

Since Scaredy Cat Hospital opened, Dr. Grant has offered a special cat therapy service we call "Cats on the Couch."

He'll work with kitty to help with some of these common behavioral problems:

  • inappropriate elimination issues

  • soiling outside the litter box

  • new cat/kitten introductions and adjustment

  • destructive furniture scratching

  • aggression toward people

  • aggression toward other cats

  • excessive meowing and yowling

  • urine marking

  • anxiety

  • biting

  • and more

The First Step: Ruling Out Medical Issues

The key to overcoming feline behavior issues is to first identify the problems we're dealing with. 

At Scaredy Cats, the first thing we will do is to rule out any potential medical causes for your cat's poor behavior by conducting a thorough physical exam.

This is because many feline ailments have symptoms that can easily be mistaken for behavioral issues. (Example: Sometimes kitties with a urinary tract infection will pee outside the box. This is medical, not behavioral.)

Next: A Customized Plan to Get Results

Once medical problems are ruled out, then the Cats on the Couch exam will focus on pinpointing the exact behaviors your cat is exhibiting, and look at the exact context each of the behaviors manifests in.

Then Dr. Grant will work his therapeutic magic! He'll work with you to develop an effective strategy to get results.

Your customized plan may involve training, rewards, positive reinforcement, or other approaches to help tame unwanted behavior and make your feline your friend again.

Ready to take the first step toward a more peaceful relationship with a well-behaved feline?

Fill out the comprehensive Behavioral Questionnaire by clicking on the button below, then call us at 480-990-CATS(2287) to make a "Cats on the Couch" appointment.

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