Behavioral Questionnaire

Jackson Galaxy hasn't got anything on Dr. Grant!

Since Scaredy Cat Hospital opened, Dr. Grant has offered a special cat therapy service we call "Cats on the Couch: Feline Behavioral Therapy."

He'll work with kitty to help with some of these common behavioral problems:

  • inappropriate elimination issues
  • soiling outside the litter box
  • new cat/kitten introductions and adjustment
  • destructive furniture scratching
  • aggression toward people
  • aggression toward other cats
  • excessive meowing and yowling
  • urine marking
  • biting
  • and more

Are you coming in for a "Cats on the Couch" behavioral appointment

Please download and fill out this behavioral questionnaire so our doctors can get the background information they need to work with your kitty.


--Dr. Jonathan Grant & The Team at The Scaredy Cat Hospital

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Jonathan Grant, DVM and Angie Wood, DVM

Jonathan Grant, DVM and Angie Wood, DVM